Novira Plaza Riga

Novira Plaza Riga

Novira Plaza – Bringing People Together

Novira Plaza is a 7-floor office building at the very heart of Riga, which is a meeting point for the never-ceasing business passion and busyness of the city. The building offers everything an urban personality needs. The authors of its design are the architects Dace Putniņa and Andris Kalinka of the Architect Bureau BB studija.

Here is a welcome and timely addition to the lively and exciting business community, where you can find world class office accommodation with striking views, elegant functionality and a flair for the original. At Marijas Street, the city will start a new life.

Business crossroads

Business crossroads

A perfect business environment is about details. The room plan - starting from different offices and shops, till underground parking and restaurants on the first floor. This modern building will become a centre of destination. We have combined a modern working environment, a new sustainable building and a location in the city centre. Surely this will be a meetup place for progressive companies, who will meet their visitors in office rooms, some of the restaurants on the first floor or any near centre cafe. A business needs to have a location that is available for cooperation partners and their own workers.

Office spaces ranging from 500 m2 to 1000 m2 are available now, or you can take an entire floor (3500 m2).

Business heartbeat/Where business is pulsating

Both local and international companies are at home in Novira Plaza, in a city which is constantly transforming, moving into the future while respectful of, and building on, its influential history.

The main roads stretch towards the horizon, employees and visitors can come swiftly to and from their destination. Riga, arguably the most dynamic Baltic city, today has a new venue to conduct top level transactions, negotiations and sales, adding to the long and illustrious tradition of being a centre of commerce and trade.

Business heartbeat/Where business is pulsating



Location in the city center

Multiple bus stops, and the Central Station are just next to the building. Nearby surroundings contain dozens of different restaurants and cafes


Attractive architecture

Building design is suitable for offices - smaller and bigger, both closed or open plan


Modern technical solutions

Everything you want from an office - manageable heating systems, air conditioners, high class security and energy effective installations


Underground parking

Parking is suitable for both - office workers and your company visitors



The business center will be located in central Riga next to hotels, newly developed Origo shopping mall / office center and Riga Central Railway Station

  • 2 min walk to central train station

  • 5 min walk to oldtown

  • 5 min walk to Riga bus station

  • 20 min ride to Riga airport

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The building is a combo of new and old, with spacious windows, attractive external and interior architecture and the best location in the city centre to make Novira Plaza completely unique. Luxurious lobbys tower through two floors and connect different parts of the building including restaurant and a co-working spaces.


Floor plans

Open-floor layout allows you to adjust your efficient office from 500 m2 to 3500 m2 on each floor. Working spaces can be adjusted to your needs - size, shape, the number and purpose of rooms - we will make sure that your wishes are fulfilled.

The ground floor of Novira Plaza is meant for retailers.

Interior design

Interior design

The carefully elaborated office environment in the Novira Plaza building combines clever architectural solutions, harmonious interior design, and choice of the top quality finishing materials sourced by architect Meelis Press

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Interior design

Technical information

Novira Plaza building is build according to work place safety and convinience needs, and therefore corresponds to resident wellbeing.

Our technical support offers solutions that are cost and energoeffective.

  • The foundation is concrete piles

  • Underground construction concrete, and the above-ground concrete columns

  • Heating with radiators and heating beams

  • Air-conditioning with cooling beams

  • Aluminum façade with easy to open windows in every office

  • A-class energy efficiency

  • BMS manages HVAC, indoor security, and water leakage

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