Novira Plaza Riga

Novira Plaza Riga Architecture


Four different buildings bint together into a single ensemble

The building is a combo of new and old, with spacious windows, attractive external and interior architecture and the best location in the city centre to make Novira Plaza completely unique. Luxurious lobbys tower through two floors and connect different parts of the building including restaurant and a co-working spaces.


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Those will stay who will change /Rainis/

City center is changing rapidly. Well known Central station is already withesing it's changes. Novira plaza office workers will also see these changes through their windows.

The building complex will enrich the central Riga business community, providing a home for companies who know the importance of a modern and convenient work place.

Successful business development takes cooperation, and here the location connects conveniently with the railway system. In only 10 minutes you can go from Novira Plaza to Zemitāni, or Torņakalns, and in the near future will come a direct connection from the centre to the airport airport, opening up exciting opportunities for international collaborations.

  • Every 30 minutes from airport to center with Rail Baltica

  • All possible public transport stops are around

  • Old town is only 5 minutes away

  • Shopping is across the road.