Novira Plaza Riga

Novira Plaza Riga Technical Information

Technical information

Novira Plaza building is build according to work place safety and convinience needs, and therefore corresponds to resident wellbeing.

Our technical support offers solutions that are cost and energoeffective.

  • The foundation is concrete piles

  • Underground construction concrete, and the above-ground concrete columns

  • Heating with radiators and heating beams

  • Air-conditioning with cooling beams

  • Aluminum façade with easy to open windows in every office

  • A-class energy efficiency

  • BMS manages HVAC, indoor security, and water leakage

Property type

A-class office building




June 2023

Building standard


Lead certificate

  • Location and construction of the building - Easy access to private and public transport

  • Water and energy use - heating, cooling, ventilation and electricity consumption - Efficient HVAC system and reduced water consumption due to special sanitary equipment

  • Use of materials and resources - High efficiency to decrease construction waste

  • Quality of the internal environment - Glass façade for natural light, openable windows, efficient HVAC and air filtering systems